Our Team

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Mark Watts Executive Director

Mark Watts serves as the Executive Director for C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. Prior to joining C40, Mark was the Director of Arup’s energy consulting team based in London. Focused on cities and sustainability, he lead Arup’s partnership with the C40 group of cities committed to tackling climate change. Prior to joining Arup as a Director in 2008, he was the climate change and sustainable transport adviser to the Mayor of London, in which role the London Evening Standard described him as “the intellectual force behind Ken Livingstone’s drive to make London a leading light of the battle against global warming.” He led the development of London's ground-breaking Climate Change Action Plan and the associated programme of projects to reduce London’s carbon emissions by 60% by 2025.

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Kevin Austin Director of Initiatives, Regions and Events

Kevin Austin serves as C40’s Director of Initiatives, Regions and Events.  Prior to joining C40 he was Assistant Director of External Relations for the Mayor of London. His responsibilities included running the events, marketing, design and commercial teams.  Kevin has a background in economics and strategy development, and has a Masters in Transport Planning and a Doctorate in Civil Engineering from Leeds University. Following his PhD he worked for a major consultancy, advising clients on project implementation and economic appraisal. He joined the Greater London Authority in 2002 and was responsible for advising the Mayor of London on all aspects of transport. Between 2009 and 2012 Kevin worked as Head of Olympic projects and led the delivery of the major city-related elements associated with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games.

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Marie Scott Poulsen Director of Communications

Marie Scott Poulsen serves as the Director of Communications for C40. She is responsible for the overall international C40 communication effort in terms of stakeholder management, communication strategies, social media, internal communications, press relations and brand management. Marie also supports and develops member cities' climate-communication. Before joining C40 Marie spent a year as Head of Communications in 'Sampension', one of Denmark's largest pension funds. Her more than 10 years experience in communication leadership also includes five years as Head of Communications in the City of Copenhagen, City Hall, where she was responsible for overall city communication, including the 2009 Mayors Summit in Copenhagen as well as the successful COP 15 world-wide 'Hopenhagen' campaign endorsed by the UN. Marie founded the 'Performance Communication' characterizing Copenhagen’s way of communicating climate solutions by changing the focus from input to solid GHG-reducing results. Prior to her position in Copenhagen City Hall Marie was Head of Communications at FDB/Coop, the largest Scandinavian consumer cooperative and at 'Håndværksrådet', a Danish organisation for small and medium-sized enterprises. She holds a Master's degree in Social Science/Humanities from University of Copenhagen and is pursuing a Master’s in Design, with a concentration in Design Management, Visual Identity and Profitable Design Processes.

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Seth Schultz Director, Research, Measurement & Planning

Seth Schultz is the Director of Research, Measurement & Planning at C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. In this role, Seth is responsible for organizational accountability and visibility through implementing a comprehensive and cohesive research and planning strategy. Seth works to ensure that cities accelerate and share their work on climate change issues through specific data analysis. He is also a frequent speaker about the breadth and depth of climate actions being taken by C40 Cities and their impact around the world. Prior to this role, Seth helped create the Climate Positive Development Program (CPDP) -- developed in partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). CPDP supports the development of large-scale urban projects striving to reduce the amount of on-site CO2 emissions to below zero. Seth’s background includes more than 15 years of experience in the environmental field. Some of his past work includes managing contracts and clients at the city, state, regional and federal level. He has managed nationwide U.S. federal contracts with EPA and NOAA and overseen research projects on emergency response work conducted at the World Trade Center cleanup, Hurricane Katrina and others. He holds a bachelors degree in Environmental Science from Binghamton University and oversees C40's office in New York City.

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Clare Hammacott Director of Finance and Operations

Clare Hammacott serves as C40’s Director of Finance & Operations, responsible for the organisation’s global Finance, Human Resources, IT and Legal functionalities. Prior to joining C40, Clare managed the Secretariat for the Commission on Civil Society and Democratic Engagement, consulting with parliamentarians in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and over 150 NGOs on the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill. Previously, she spent 14 years working in the corporate world, in a variety of roles covering consultancy, operations, client management and sales for global mobility companies, including Team Relocations, Weichert Relocation Resources and Cartus.  Clare has lived and worked in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and Malaysia and has experience of relocating families to over 120 countries around the world. She holds a BA (Hons) German degree from the University of Liverpool (UK) and Freie Universität Berlin (Germany).

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Sarah Potts Interim Director of C40 Governance and Global Partnerships

Sarah Potts serves as the Interim Director of C40 Governance and Global Partnerships. In this role, Sarah oversees all partnerships, grants, and drives core strategy efforts related to the organisation's delivery of strategic support across all C40 cities. Previously, Sarah served the organisation as the Deputy Director of Regions and Initiatives, where she developed and drove core global strategy efforts related to delivery of direct assistance and peer-to-peer exchange across 63 C40 Cities around the world to reduce GHG emissions and climate risks. Prior to the integration of C40 and the Clinton Climate Initiative, Sarah served as the Los Angeles City Director for the Clinton Climate Initaitive. Operating at the nexus of business, politics, and environmentalism in Los Angeles, Sarah’s work focused on low-carbon transportation, outdoor lighting efficiency, building energy efficiency, and climate adaptation. Most notably, Sarah supported the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting and Mayor Villaraigosa’s Office to develop and launch a major streetlight retrofit project. Once complete, the project will reduce CO2 emissions by over 40,500 tons and save the city $10 million annually in street light maintenance and energy costs — a nearly 60% savings. In addition, Sarah worked with the City of Los Angeles to design and launch the Los Angeles Commercial Building Performance Partnership, a city run car share programme, as well as the Climate Adaptation Framework with the City of Los Angeles. Sarah holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in International Development from Brown University.

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Manuel Olivera Regional Director, Latin America

Manuel Olivera serves as the Regional Director for Latin American cities at C40, after having served six years as the City Director in Bogota. In this position Manuel has supported several projects aimed at reducing greenhouse emissions including methane capture at landfills; traffic light LED retrofitting; diesel fuel quality improvement; and the implementation of the Hybrid Electric Bus Test Programme in Latin America. Manuel has more than 30 years of professional experience at both national and international levels leading multidisciplinary groups, assessing high level decision making, and ensuring programmatic success across several environmental fields. Manuel has worked as a consultant for the Inter American Development Bank, the World Bank, United Nations Development Project, World Wildlife Foundation, private companies, as well as Latin American governments. Manuel has a Master's degree in Resource Assessment for Development Planning from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, and pursued doctoral studies in Development Socioeconomics at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in Paris.

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Johanna Gregory Partin Regional Director, North America

Johanna Gregory Partin serves as the North American Regional Director at C40. In this position she supports C40 cities in North America and facilitates communication between them and the C40 global network.

Prior to joining C40, Johanna served as the Senior Policy Advisor on Environment to San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, where she advised Mayor Lee on citywide sustainable energy, climate, transportation, green building and other programmes promoting sustainability. Johanna served in the same position under Mayor Gavin Newsom from 2009-2010. She has over 20 years of experience in the fields of climate change, renewable energy, microfinance, sustainable development and gender equity, and has worked both locally and in more than 15 countries around the world.

Johanna has a Master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Anthropology from University of California, Santa Barbara.

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Cristiana Fragola Regional Director, Europe

Cristiana Fragola serves as the Regional Director for Europe at C40. In this position she manages relationships with 19 Cities and facilitates communication between them and the C40 global network, offering support to ensure the success of their climate action plans. Prior to joining C40 as European Regional Director, Cristiana served as a legal advisor to the UN Development Programme, where she provided legal advice for the Millennium Development Goals and Carbon Finance Facility programmes. Cristiana also served as the Deputy Director of Sustainability for the New York City Housing Authority, and, prior to that, as Director of MillionTreesNYC, a PlaNYC initiative. Cristiana holds graduate degrees in international law from the University of Pennsylvania, where she was a Rotary Ambassadorial Fellow, and in government and environmental policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where she received the Zuckerman Fellowship from the Center for Public Leadership.

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Yan Peng Regional Director, East Asia Region

Yan Peng serves as the East Asian Regional Director at C40. In this position she handles a wide spectrum of work across East Asia involving city engagement on low carbon and adaptation strategies, identifying cities’ needs and priorities, and collaborating with C40 initiative teams. Yan has over 16 years of experience in environmental public policy and social impact assessments. As the Director in China for Clean Air Asia prior to joining C40, Yan led the organisation’s China programme for eight years focusing on city air quality management, capacity building in collaboration with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and energy efficiency and greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions reduction from freight and logistics sector. Yan holds a Masters of Law degree from Peking University and studied at the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies, as well as the University of Toronto, Canada.

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Hastings Chikoko Regional Director, Africa

Hastings Chikoko is the Regional Director for Africa at C40. In this role, he supports the cities in Africa in their climate action planning, measurement and implementation, helping them to forge inter-city as well as regional collaboration. Prior to joining C40, Hastings had a long career with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) where he served in leadership roles in East and Southern Africa, and worked closely with State and NGO members in the negotiation of regional and international environmental agreements. He led IUCN’s support of the City of Johannesburg on the Greening Soweto initiative and was involved in the implementation of ICLEI initiatives, including Local Action for Biodiversity. He is one of the International Development Research Center’s African Mentors for policy think tanks in Africa; a member of the Regional Technical Committee of the Global Water Partnership; and a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Tshwane University of Technology. Hastings has graduate qualifications in Environmental Diplomacy from the University of Geneva, Switzerland and in Management from Derby Business School, UK. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Malawi. He has had focused training in Climate Change Diplomacy and Bilateral Diplomacy at the Diplo Foundation, Switzerland.

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Milag San Jose- Ballesteros Regional Director, Southeast Asia and Oceania

Milag San Jose- Ballesteros serves as the Regional Director for Southeast Asia and Oceania at C40.  In this role, she is responsible for engaging and supporting C40 member cities in the region as well as for facilitating collaboration between cities across the global C40 network.  Prior to joining C40, Milag served as Regional Environmental Governance Specialist with the Environmental Cooperation-Asia (ECO-Asia) programme of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), where she led programmatic partnerships between national and sub-national environmental agencies, and provided technical support to pilot initiatives covering topics including urban environmental issues, compliance and enforcement mechanisms, climate adaptation measures and public participation, In this capacity, she worked with 16 countries across Asia and coordinated engagements with various organizations and partners including the US Environmental Protection Agency, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the UN Environment Programme. Prior to this, she ously served as a Senior Program Officer with the US-Asia Environmental Partnership promoting clean technology, and as Executive Director of the Philippine member of Friends of the Earth International, managing 4 offices across the country. Milag completed her undergraduate degree from the University of the Philippines and obtained her MS from the Ateneo de Manila University under a scholarship program of The Ford Foundation for SEA Professionals.  A native of Manila, Phillipines, she has been based in Singapore since 2008.

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Sanjay Sridhar Regional Director, South and West Asia

Sanjay Sridhar is the C40 Regional Director for South and West Asia. He is responsible for facilitating cities in the region to participate in the exchange of best practices to reduce the sources and their impact of climate change. Sanjay has more than 16 years of work experience in 3 continents (North America, Europe and Asia) in areas of architecture, urban development and planning, sustainable design and public policy. Prior to joining C40, Sanjay was with the World Resources Institute (WRI) as the Director of Urban Development for India. He also established WRI’s regional office in Bangalore from where, as the Country Lead for the Sustainable and Livable Cities Project, he laid the foundation for WRI’s flagship programme, the Steve Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. Prior to joining WRI, he held several roles as a member of the Core Group at the National Disaster Management Authority, Govt of India and as Adjunct Faculty at the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT University, Ahmdabad) where he continues to teach Urban Development Planning and Public Policy. He also led a group at CEPT University’s Center for Conservation Cities (CCS) looking at urban development in historical cities in India. He was also a member of the Agenda for Bengaluru Infrastructure and Development (ABIDe) taskforce, which undertook a comprehensive study of all aspects of urban development for the City of Bangalore, India.  Sanjay has a Bachelors degree in Architecture from Bangalore University in India; a LEED Accredited Professional (AP) from the US Green Building Council; a Masters Degree in Urban Development Planning and Policy from Erasmus University in the Netherlands and has also studied Urban Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Delaware, US.

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Cristina Mendonca City Director, Rio de Janeiro and Advisor to the Chair

Cristina Mendonca serves as the City Director of Rio de Janeiro and Advisor to the Chair of C40. In this position she works closely with the Mayor’s Office to identify sustainable development opportunities in the context of climate change. Cristina also assists in the development of programmes related to energy efficiency, transportation, solid waste management, monitoring, urban revitalizations, and works to promote events like Rio +C40, a Rio+20 highlight. Before joining C40, Cristina worked as a chemical engineer specializing in chemical process research and development. She worked as a consultant advising companies on industrial processes, sustainable development, innovation technology, and renewable energy with a focus on optimizing production processes. Cristina is currently a candidate for a Masters in Urban and Environmental Engineering at Pontifical Catholic University, and holds an MBA from the COPPEAD Graduate School of Business at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

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Rafael Ramos City Director, Mexico City

Rafael Ramos serves as the Mexico City Director at C40. In this position, he is responsible for assisting the Mexico City Government in advancing its climate action agenda in order to achieve meaningful reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and climate risk. Before joining C40 Rafael served as Director of the Mexico City Ambient Air Monitoring System in the City's Secretary of the Environment. Prior to this, Rafael was a Consultant at private Environmental Engineering firms for more than 15 years. Rafael holds a Master of Science degree in Control Systems from the London Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, and a BA with Honors in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the Mexican National Autonomous University.

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Kabir Shagaya City Director, Lagos

Kabir Shagaya serves as the Lagos City Director at C40. In this position he is responsible for the development and delivery of C40’s initiatives and programmes in Lagos. As City Director, Kabir sits on the steering committee of one of largest integrated waste management plants in Africa. He also designed a rural illumination project that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the eradication of kerosene lanterns in rural areas. Prior to C40 and while pursuing his Masters degree, Kabir worked with Coffey International on a project funded by the UK Department for International Development during which he designed a construction waste management system for Lagos State to assist with the regulation of demolished construction sites and the recycling of materials. Kabir has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from the University of Cardiff, and a Masters in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Manchester.

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Jamie Ponce City Director, Chicago

Jamie Ponce serves as the Chicago City Director at C40. In this position Jamie works to drive economic and environmental benefits in the City of Chicago and across the C40 network of global megacities. He currently focuses on energy efficiency in the built environment, sustainable infrastructure finance, and market-driven resource stewardship. Prior to this role, Jamie spent 10 years with A.T. Kearney, a global management-consulting firm, during which time he specialized in corporate strategy, organisational effectiveness, economic development, and natural resource efficiency. These efforts—including work with The Rocky Mountain Institute, Environmental Defense Fund, and The Packard Foundation—address some of the planet’s most pressing challenges through solutions that span industries, sectors, and ideologies. Jamie holds an Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School, a Master of Public Administration from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, and a BA from Indiana University.

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Brian Yeoman City Director, Houston

Brian serves as the Houston City Director at C40. In this position he works with the city’s political and administrative leadership to establish priorities for developing and implementing programmes that reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and that promote the use of clean energy. Before joining this effort, Brian was a Senior Research Scientist at the Houston Advanced Research Center, where he oversaw sustainability efforts, including facilitating a High Performance Building Team and leading research projects such as residential energy efficiency and construction waste management. Earlier, he was the Associate Vice President of Facilities Planning and Development at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston where he was responsible for the design and construction of new facilities and major renovations. Brian holds an Masters and Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of South Dakota, and has been the recipient of numerous awards for his efforts in the realm of sustainability, including the 2006 Citizen’s Environmental Coalition (CEC) President’s Synergy Award.

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Terri Wills Director, Global Initiatives

Terri is the Director of Global Initiatives for C40, and is responsible for the development and delivery of C40’s initiatives and networks. Before taking on this role, Terri served as the organisation’s London City Director – through the C40 partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) – working closely with the Mayor of London’s office and agencies on climate change mitigation programmes and projects. Before joining the organisation, Terri was a Senior Policy Advisor for the Ontario Government in Canada, supporting the administration of a large-scale cleantech demonstration fund. Terri has also worked as a consultant advising on the economic development of creative industries, and was a Head of Strategy at the British Broadcasting Corporation based in London. Terri holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and a BAH in Political Studies from Queen’s University, Canada.

4 ricardo cepeda marquez.thumb

Ricardo Cepeda-Márquez Director, Solid Waste Initiative

Ricardo Cepeda-Márquez serves as the Director of Waste Networks at C40. In this position Ricardo is responsible for the Sustainable Solid Waste Systems Network. He has recently focused his efforts on the development of the Closure and Landfill Gas Utilization Project at Bordo Poniente, the now-closed Mexico City Landfill, a project that is estimated to reduce more than 20 M tons of GHG emissions in the next 25 years. Before joining C40, Ricardo was a Lead Engineer performing hydraulic safety analysis for oil pipeline systems for the Mexican oil industry, PEMEX. Ricardo also developed statistical analysis tools for drought prediction and municipal planning. Ricardo has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering from the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM) in Mexico and a Master's in Hydraulic Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

13 gunjan parik.thumb

Gunjan Parik Director, Transportation Initiative

Gunjan Parik serves as the Director of the Transportation Initiative at C40. In this position she is responsible for driving and delivering C40’s global transportation strategy. Prior to joining the C40, Gunjan worked at Transport for London (TfL), most recently as the Head of Paralympic Transport and Accessibility, where she was responsible for ensuring TfL capacity to operate a robust transport network able to meet the unique challenges of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. She also worked as a Senior Associate at the TfL Policy Unit where she served as an advisor on issues of strategic importance for TfL. Previously, Gunjan was based in India where she worked as a Senior Consultant for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, working across a range of government institutions at local and national levels. Gunjan holds an Masters of Science in Management and Regulation of Risk, and an Master’s of Science in Information Systems, both from the London School of Economics.

33 shannon lawrence.thumb

Shannon Lawrence Director, Energy Initiative

Shannon Lawrence serves as the Director of the Energy Initiative at C40. In this position she is responsible for leading C40’s energy strategy and supporting city efforts in areas such as energy efficiency and district energy. Before joining C40, Shannon was the Vibrant Cities Project Director for the Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition. She also worked as an independent sustainability and energy consultant for clients such as the USGBC, Virginia Tech’s Metropolitan Institute, Enterprise Community Partners and the World Resources Institute. Before she took up consulting, Shannon spent ten years working for International Rivers and the Environmental Defense Fund promoting environmentally responsible and transparent energy and water planning in Africa and Asia. Shannon holds a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, with concentrations in international environmental and resource policy and development economics. She has a BA in Economics and English from Georgetown University.

26 zachary tofias.thumb

Zachary Tofias Director, Sustainable Communities Initiative

Zachary Tofias serves as the Director of the Sustainable Communities Initiative and the Climate Positive Development Programme at C40. He has been with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group since 2007 in partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative, initially as the City Director in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and more recently as a founding member of the team that launched the Climate Positive Development Programme. For the past four years, Zach has been working with both private sector developers and city partners around the world on developing locally relevant solutions to find replicable models for sustainable city growth. Zach’s work leading the Sustainable Communities Initiative aims to demonstrate it is possible to build communities that are environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and net carbon negative. Zach has an Master’s of Business Administration from Cornell University, and a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College.

32 james alexander.thumb

James Alexander Director, Finance and Economic Development Initiative

James Alexander is the Director of the Finance and Economic Development Initiative at C40. In this role, James is responsible for the management and strategic development of the C40 networks on Green Growth and Sustainable Infrastructure Finance. Prior to joining C40, James served as Senior Policy Manager and Head of the London office for the Scottish Council for Development and Industry, where he advised the Scottish Government and other key stakeholders on the actions and priorities needed to create sustainable economic prosperity for Scotland. James worked with the leaders of Scotland’s cities to develop the Cities Strategy for Scotland and setup and led a new Scottish Cities Alliance focused on driving investment, economic growth and job creation in Scotland’s cities. James has also led international trade missions to the Middle East; and has considerable experience in the skills sector, including two years as President of the National Union of Students in Scotland. James has a degree in Mathematics from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

8 amanda ikert.thumb

Amanda Ikert Director, Water and Adaptation Initiative

Amanda Ikert (“Mandy”) serves as the Director of the Water and Adaptation Initiative at C40. In this position she is responsible for supporting cities as they work to meet their climate change adaptation and water management goals. Before taking on this role, Mandy served as the City Director for Jakarta at C40 where she worked closely with the Governor and regional government of Jakarta to identify, develop and implement programmes and projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Before joining C40, Mandy was a city planner in New York, serving in both NYC's City Planning and Parks and Recreation departments. She has a research background in urban and architectural history as well as international environmental programming, including projects with the Asia Foundation and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. Mandy holds a Master of City Planning and a Master of Science in Architectural Studies from MIT and a BA in History from Wesleyan University.

48 michael doust.thumb

Michael Doust Director, Measurement and Planning Initiative

Michael Doust serves as the Director of the Measurement and Planning Initiative at C40. In this position, he is responsible for global standards, measurement, reporting and climate action planning. Prior to joining C40, Michael worked for the Greater London Authority where he led the development of London's GHG inventory and was responsible for strategy development, and planning and review of Mayoral climate change programmes. Previously, Michael worked for two other municipal authorities in the UK as well as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.  He is a Chartered Environmentalist and has a Master's degree in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford.

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Zoe Sprigings Network Director, Energy Efficiency

Zoe Sprigings serves as the Network Director for Energy Efficiency at C40.  In this position she collaborates with networks of global cities to deliver their strategies and work-plans for tackling energy efficiency. Prior to joining C40, Zoe was a Senior Policy Adviser in the Department of Energy and Climate Change of the UK Government. Most recently she worked on energy efficiency policy, including a £540 million incentives fund, a £1.3 billion annual regulation and the creation of a legal framework to enable private sector investment in energy efficiency.  Previous roles include advising on international climate finance, with a focus on the UK Government's contribution to the Climate Investment Funds.  During her recent academic sabbatical, she was a joint Fellow in NYC's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability and at City University New York, and a Red Cross Climate Centre research scholar in Addis Ababa. Zoe holds a Masters of Arts in Disasters, Adaptation and Development from King's College London, and a Masters of Arts in History from the University of Oxford.

34 katie vines.thumb

Kathryn Vines Network Director, Climate Risk Assessment

Kathryn Vines (“Katie “) serves as the Network Director for Climate Risk Assessment at C40. In this position, she brings together global cities working to identify, understand and manage their climate change vulnerability in order to ensure their future prosperity and sustainability. To support these aims, Katie is leading the development of the C40 Risk Assessment Framework. Prior to joining C40, Katie worked at the Office of Environment and Heritage at the New South Wales (NSW) Government in Australia. She served as a Principal Project Officer, organizing and delivering Integrated Regional Vulnerability Assessments and working with a variety of stakeholders to improve capacity to manage climate change impacts and vulnerability. In this role, Katie developed a Guide to Climate Change Risk Assessment for NSW Local Government and also established and ran the NSW Infrastructure Adaptation Panel. Katie holds a Masters of Environmental Management from the University of NSW, a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney and a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Technology, Sydney.

27 kat.thumb

Kathryn Urquhart Network Director, Transportation

Kathryn Urquhart serves as the Network Director for Transportation at C40. In this position she is responsible for the development of the Low Emission Vehicle Network, and assists with overall strategy and operations for the C40 Networks team. Before joining C40, Kathryn worked for former Vice President Al Gore’s nonprofit Climate Reality Project—formerly the Alliance for Climate Protection—on the political programme team. She is also a former Clinton Foundation Orfalea Fellow. Before joining the non-profit world, she helped start a green business conference called Opportunity Green in Los Angeles. Kathryn graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master’s of Public Policy and from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

51 laura photo.thumb

Laura Jay Network Director, Sustainable Urban Development

Laura Jay serves as the Network Director for Sustainable Urban Development at C40. Laura works with city partners around the world in supporting the development of local community sustainability solutions. Laura's work with the Sustainable Communities Initiative looks to demonstrate ways cities can build communities that are environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and net carbon negative. Prior to joining the C40, Laura served as a Project Manager at Terrapin Bright Green where she worked with government agencies, developers and non-profits to create more sustainability policies and designs. She has also worked at the U.S. Green Building Council on the development of their strategic plan. Laura has a Master's degree in Urban Planning from Columbia University and a Bachelor's degree from Wheaton College in Massachusetts. 

55 amrita.thumb

Amrita Sinha Network Director, Solid Waste

Amrita Sinha serves as the Network Director for Solid Waste at C40. In this position, she is responsible for the development of the Solid Waste Network, and collaborates with networks of global cities to deliver their strategies for tackling waste management issues.  Before joining C40, Amrita worked for Team London Ambassadors, a part of the Mayor of London’s Olympic and Paralympic programme for London 2012. Prior to this role, she worked as a Waste Prevention Adviser with Lambeth Council, London. She also worked on a project with the Greater London Authority to research provision of environmental management support to SMEs in London.  Amrita formerly worked in New Delhi, India as a Program Analyst on the Clinton Climate Initiative Waste and Solar Team. She has also worked for Coca-Cola, India to develop their rainwater-harvesting manual for bottling plants.  Amrita holds a M.Sc. in Environment, with specialisation in Water Resources Management from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in New Delhi, India, where she received DAAD (The German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship to Freie Universitat, Berlin. She holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Science from University of Delhi, India. Currently, she is an Associate Member of IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) and University of Bath, UK.

46 ava zekri.thumb

Ava Zekri Director, City Climate Leadership Awards | Director, Measurement and Reporting Network

Ava Zekri serves as Director of the City Climate Leadership Awards and of the Measurement & Planning Network at C40. In her Awards position, she develops, manages and coordinates the implementation of the Awards in close collaboration with Siemens and helps C40 meet their sustainability goals by ensuring that cities demonstrating true leadership in addressing climate change are globally recognized. As a Network Director, Ava works with Cities on measurement and reportingPreviously, Ava interned with the Urban Planning and Design Branch of UN Habitat in Nairobi and worked as a researcher at the New Cities Foundation. She also worked as a consultant for the French National Railway Authority (SNCF). Ava holds a Masters degree in Regional and Urban Strategy from Sciences Po Paris, and a Bachelors degree in Geography with a special emphasis on spatial analysis from La Sorbonne.

10 michael marinello.thumb

Michael Marinello Adviser, Communications

Michael Marinello serves as an Adviser for global communications, social and digital media and media partnerships for C40. He comes to C40 from the Microsoft Corporation where he was Director of Communications for the Microsoft Office Division. He led worldwide PR/AR efforts, including strategic planning, team management, and social media strategy. Prior to his work at Microsoft, Michael served in the US Senate for Senators Daniel Patrick Moynihan (NY) and Robert Kerrey (NE), ran global public affairs for The GCI Group, and ran WW Public Relations for Becton Dickinson and Company. Michael is also the managing editor of the C40/National Geographic Blog "City Solutions" and sits on the editorial advisory board of Cities Today Magazine. He has won numerous PR industry awards for his work on brand communications, public affairs and crisis and issues management. He is a graduate of Lehigh University, where he studied International Relations and History.

20 brooke russell.thumb

Brooke Russell Director of Communications, Editorial and Content

Brooke Russell serves as a Director of Communications, Editorial and Content at C40. A key member of C40’s Communications team, Brooke is responsible for editorial planning and execution across targeted distribution channels; in this capacity, she supports C40 staff, cities and partners in the development of a diverse range of content. Before joining C40, Brooke was for three years at the Clinton Climate Initiative, where she helped to build the organisation’s Communications department, bringing 14 years of prior experience as a contributing writer to organisations including the Economist Intelligence Unit, the London School of Economics and McKinsey & Co. Brooke holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Columbia College at Columbia University and a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, where she concentrated on international environmental and resource policy, and development economics.

18 jared pruzan.thumb

Jared Pruzan Director, City Adviser Competition Programme | Director, C40 Exchange

Jared Pruzan serves as the Director of the C40 Exchange, the virtual community and knowledge-sharing portal for C40 Cities and staff. He is also Director of the new City Director Competition Programme, which provides a dedicated staff resource to help selected cities with the greatest demonstrated need and the greatest potential for impact to advance significant climate protection policies and initiatives through increased local capacity. Prior to joining C40, Jared worked as a Financial Analyst for the Real Estate Private Equity Group at Lazard and as the coordinator of a nonprofit research initiative within Harvard University's David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. He is also the author of Contemporary Realism: The Seavest Collection (2007), a book of essays. Jared earned a Masters of Public Affairs in International Nonprofit Management from New York University's Wagner School of Public Service and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Literature from Yale University.

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Kerem Yilmaz Head of Research

Kerem Yilmaz serves as the Head of Research at C40. In this position he is responsible for managing the collection and analysis of data gathered through C40’s research efforts, as well as communicating key research findings. Kerem works to integrate multiple data sets to quantify the impact of city action on greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks. He began this work as a Clinton Orfalea Fellow at the Clinton Foundation, where he operated as a member of the C40’s Research Team. Prior to joining the Clinton Foundation and C40, Kerem was a Manager at Accenture, focusing on retail supply implementations. He has experience across the entire software development lifecycle in project management, business process design, and testing roles. He has also spent time working with business intelligence tools in the requirements gathering, design, and testing phases. Kerem has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley in Political Economy of Industrial Societies and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Southern California.

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Yoonjin Cho Director of Steering Committee

Yoonjin Cho serves as the Director of Steering Committee for the C40. In this role, Yoonjin acts as the liaison and point of contact between the C40 Steering Committee, which is the principal governing body of the organisation comprised of 10 megacities from around the world, including Los Angeles, Tokyo, London and Johannesburg. Yoonjin oversees day-to-day management of the Steering Committee and provides strategic guidance on long-term goals and objectives to help the organisation implement a coordinated outreach plan to manage the Steering Committee. Prior to joining C40, Yoonjin was the Manager for International Relations at the Seoul Metropolitan Government where she managed and advised the relationship and cooperation between the city government and environment-related international organisations, including the C40. Yoonjin was also the coordinator for the C40 Seoul Summit, supporting and facilitating cooperation between the city government and C40. Born and raised in Seoul, Republic of Korea, Yoonjin received her Master’s degree from Monterey Institute of International Studies, U.S., and BA from Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul, Republic of Korea. 

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Daniel Samuels Director, Communications Projects

Daniel Samuels serves as the Director of Communications Projects at C40. In this position he is responsible for the design, development and overall management of the C40 Exchange—C40’s online knowledge management, communication and collaboration system. He also coordinates and curates the C40 Newsletters, from the Weekly C40 Report to the Monthly C40 Newsletter. Prior to this Daniel was a Project Analyst with the Clinton Foundation working primarily on C40-CCI (Clinton Climate Initiative) projects, where he helped launch the Knowledge Management System that evolved into the C40 Exchange. Daniel was also responsible for the oversight and management of the external web partners. He came to the Clinton Foundation after spending 8 months in Ghana working for the Kokrobitey Institute, a sciences, arts and humanities school, that promotes cultural understanding and community service. Daniel holds a Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences from Sydney University, Australia.

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Marvin Barrios Administration Manager

Marvin Barrios serves as the Administration Manager at the Los Angeles office of C40. In this position he provides administrative support to the LA office staff and provides IT support to the global organisation. Before joining C40, Marvin was the Grants Manager at Bienvenidos in Los Angeles where he managed government contracts, programme budgets and accounting functions; prior to this role, he oversaw the Accounts Payables and Receivables Department. He began his career at Bienvenidos by providing support to the President and Board of Directors, and then to the HR and IT departments. Prior to Bienvenidos, Marvin worked at the City of Los Angeles at their redevelopment agency where he provided administrative support to the Regional Director. Marvin graduated from the Advanced Technologies Academy magnet school with concentrations in Accounting and Marketing.

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Adenike Musa Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Adenike Musa serves as the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. In this position, she is responsible for all administrative support for the organisation, including managing the administrative officers located in C40 offices across the globe. In this role, she specifically supports the Executive Director, organising and supervising the business activities that facilitate the smooth running of the Executive Director’s office. Prior to joining C40, Adenike worked for the Greater London Authority where she supported Deputy Mayors and senior management teams on a variety of projects and events. Previously, Adenike worked in a similar capacity as Senior Personal Assistant within public and private sector organisations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers UK and the Department for Education, where she was responsible for implementing HR policies, supervising staff, budget management and general office management. Adenike holds a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Westminster, London.

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Gareth Nicholas Administrative Assistant, London Office

Gareth Nicholas serves as an Administrative Assistant in C40’s London office.  In this role, he supports the Regional Directors for Europe and Africa, assists the Global Initiatives team, and manages the technical aspects of C40’s global webinars.  Prior to joining C40, Gareth held administrative positions in a variety of organisations, including a cycle training cooperative, a regional anti-racism project and a local government housing initiative.  Gareth has a Masters degree in mathematics from the University of Sheffield.

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Irma Carranza Administrative Assistant

Irma Carranza serves as the Administrative Assistant at the Los Angeles office of C40 Cities. In this position, she provides administrative support to the Director of Initiatives and Regions, the Regional Director of Latin America, and the Regional Director of North America. Before joining C40 Cities, Irma was a partner in the City of Santa Monica’s Cradle to Career Initiative looking at and measuring youth well being. Prior to this, she worked at the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy as an organizer working to bring good jobs into underserved communities. Prior to LAANE, she worked over ten years in several clerical and administrative supportive roles with the City of Santa Monica, including serving the Civil Engineering and Architecture Division staff. Irma attended Santa Monica College and Los Angeles Trade Tech.

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Nicola Smith Administrative Assistant

Nicola (Nikki) Smith serves as one of the Administrative Assistants within the organization. In this capacity, she provides administrative and scheduling support to the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, the Director of Initiatives, Regions and Events, the Head of Events and the Director of Global Initiatives and her team. Nikki is also responsible for establishing and maintaining administrative processes and office systems across the organisation. In her twenty-eight-year career, Nikki has held administrative and customer-facing positions in government and other public-sector organisations, including the London Fire Brigade and the Greater London Authority, where she spent the last 11 years providing administrative support to the Mayor of London’s private office.