Network Overview

C40 cities commonly site infrastructure planning, financing, and implementation among the most pressing issues they face. In addition to shaping how citizens live, work, and play, infrastructure decisions also influence cities’ resource use, climate impact, and long-term sustainability. As cities strive to build infrastructure that will enable them to compete in the 21st century economy, environmental sustainability and climate risks have become critical factors of their investment decisions. The Network facilitates peer-to-peer information exchange highlighting a range of city approaches to sustainable infrastructure financing, including:

- Sustainable infrastructure principles and decision-making frameworks

- Access to global infrastructure finance experts and service providers

- Training and capacity building, development of tools, and joint research on sustainable infrastructure finance

- Bilateral or multicity collaboration on specific projects, programmes or policies

- Matching city projects with private sector investment.

The Sustainable Infrastructure Finance Network is chaired by Chicago and co-chaired by Basel.

This network will help cities learn from one another, and work together in creating, evaluating, and replicating new financing structures for improved mass transit, alternative power generation and other green projects.

Michael Bloomberg, President of the C40 Board of Directors

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